Conceptual Design

The Design process starts with listening to the client’s architecture vision. We take pride in incorporating each project with not only our design expertise but also the client’s needs, desires and programmatic ideas. It is during this discovery phase that we balance opportunities, establish parameters and understand budgets to inform the design process of the client’s lifestyle preferences, trends, goals and dreams.

Schematic Design

The focus of this phase is to start solving the conceptual to an actual coherent solution for the project, as a whole. Developing the building character, style, siting, circulation, floor plan and conceptual front elevation so that the client can understand the design intention of their project.

Design Development

During this design phase the architectural ideas through drawings are further refined in size, character and scale on the interior and exterior of the approved schematic design. Selecting material finishes and selecting of components finalizing character detailing into the final building design.

3D Renderings & Models

New Architectura Inc can provide 3D renderings that are accurate, photo realistic, and tailored to the clients wishes and requirements. We work closely with the best rendering professionals to ensure awe inspiring results.

Construction Documents

At this stage, our focus shifts to document the design into a technical language that illustrates the insight to build the project. These documents/drawings generated on AutoCAD include plans, elevations, sections, and details along with structural, electrical, mechanical information to develop accurate bids, permits and construction of the project

Construction Administration

This phase, during the building construction, is a process where the architect acts as the client’s representative to ensure the design intent is being built according to the construction documents. We provide construction observation to ensure that the design is properly adhered to. Architects are there to clarify the design documents, issue supplemental information, review change proposals, review material samples, substitution requests and contractor draw requests.